Big Money Flops

Recently the Premier League’s two cash kings clashed in a must win game for both teams. Instead of their league table position, my main concern was the amount of money each team has spent in the past transfer period. Leading the team’s front line were two attackers who have lost their infamous striking form, Edin Dzeko and Fernando Torres.

In times where we talk so much about recessions does it make any sense that clubs should be allowed to spend money so frivolously? Between the two sides who walked out at Stamford Bridge, the total value came to over £500 million. In terms of transfer fees and wages paid per player, this was the most expensive game of football ever played. In the January transfer window both teams spent vast amounts on strikers who are currently failing to hit the back of the net. Manchester City broke the bank with their purchase of Edin Dzeko for £27 million, while Chelsea broke the British transfer record of £50 million on Fernando Torres.

At the start of the season I asked myself a question, ‘Will Man City’s past two summer spending spree’s pay off or will they fail 2 compete on the big stage again?’ Many people argue that spending vast amounts of money on players doesn’t win games; it’s about the team’s chemistry. This is something that Roberto Mancini and his bosses clearly seem to have ignored. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, on the other hand, has expressed passionately that for the past couple seasons his lack of activity in the transfer market is down to his ideologies, he believes that this will pay off as he would rather his team gel together.

Will Manchester City’s big spending pay off anytime soon? The deep pockets of Chelsea’s Roman Abramovic and Manchester City’s Sheikh Mansour seem to have changed football. In Roman Abramovic’s era as Chelsea’s owner there have been a number of big money flops, one of whom Andriy Shevchenko, reached out to Fernando Torres backing him to end his run of poor form in front of goal. It has now been seven appearances in all competitions for the World Cup winner and he still hasn’t managed to score a goal for the Blues. Similarly to Edin Dzeko who has still to hit a Premier League goal since his January arrival.

Both teams are known for vast spending power yet they’re both struggling to compete in this season’s title race. With a £50 million price tag you are obliged to start him ahead of the likes of Didier Drogba and Nicolas Anelka, even though he’s lacking form. After all the money that has been spent, both teams should wonder why they still struggle to entertain.

Lakeem Greaves (@iamLAKZ)


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