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Diddy’s Words Of Wisdom


Individual Awards Gong Wrong?

As the season enters into its final stages we have seen many surprises along the way, many players find their form at the right time and some players still in need of a touch of fortune, yes I am talking about the £50m Chelsea striker Fernando Torres, who still hasn’t seemed to break what now seems to be an embarrassing duck, to say the least. And as the season reaches its climax, it is no surprise to see individual accolades going to star performers of the season, player’s who have outshone their teammates and fellow Premier League stars, so let’s take a look at what player has aligned themselves alongside great Premier League or Premiership players of the past, I mean they will have a tough act to follow, looking at past winning legends such as Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Eric Cantona, Cristiano Ronaldo, Alan Shearer and Ryan Giggs, to name a few. So what stand out performer from this campaign would be fortunate enough to have such an honour of the shortlisted players, Samir Nasri, Carlos Tevez, Gareth Bale, Rafael Van Der Vaart, Nemanja Vidic, Scott Parker and Charlie Adams? That stand out performer was none other than the new Welsh Wizard Gareth Bale.

Now although he, Gareth Bale, has improved and if anything polished his game more than anyone else in the EPL, he still in my opinion didn’t deserve to win the award. With names such as Carlos Tevez, who has single-handedly kept Manchester City in the top four, with maybe a bit of assistance from David Silva and Yaya Toure, who have both had exceptional first seasons at City and United captain Nemanja Vidic in the same shortlist, I really don’t think he has proven himself as being a worthy winner. Put it this way, Gareth Bale’s name wouldn’t be as big as it is had he not annihilated once the world’s greatest right back Maicon in the two Champions League games, not Premier League the Champions League.

His form in the Premier League has been as good as Nasri’s, not disregarding Nasri’s season in any way, as he has been outstanding in being Arsenal’s spark in the absence of Cesc Fabregas and has kept Arsenal in touching distance of United with some of his breathtaking performances, for instance the game against Fulham. But I just can’t see what outstanding things Bale has done throughout this EPL campaign, my view on Spurs’ season has also led me to believe that Modric is the heartbeat of their attacking strengths and has been so underrated throughout the course of the season, as he will never get enough plaudits as let’s say in the words of Andy Townsends ‘The Gareth Bale’s and Van Der Vaart’s of the world’. During his time out with injury Spurs was still coping very well, with Steven Pienaar and Niko Kranjcar pulling together good performances and keeping in touch with their 4th place rivals Manchester City and Chelsea, which is yet again proof that Bale isn’t that much of a great loss as let’s say Vidic, Tevez or Parker being out of their sides. You take Vidic out of the side and the defence looks very shaky, evidence the loss at Anfield, you take Tevez out of the side, you’re left wondering where are the goals going to come from? Take Parker out of the side, West Ham are yet again staring relegation right in the face. Spurs on the other hand are still very strong on that left side, however you take out Modric and there’s a lack of creativity in the side.

Another player who is well worth mentioning is the Portuguese Marmite that is Nani, who has had an exceptional season and similar to Nasri, has provided a great spark in what has sometimes been a flat United side this season. It is also worth mentioning that Nani has scored 9 goals in the league and made an incredible 17 assists, which keeps him firmly at the top of the assist leader board, in comparison to Bale, who has scored 9 goals in the league but has only assisted just the one goal. But yet Nani has to make do with a space on the Premier League Team of the Year, which funnily enough doesn’t include three players that was shortlisted, Scott Parker, Rafael Van Der Vaart and Charlie Adams, which proves that maybe, maybe somewhere down the line the voters got it wrong. However, I will still congratulate Gareth Bale on what has been a very good season for him and if anything I’m expecting much more from him next season, given his sudden rise of expectation. And on a brighter note a special well done to Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere on winning the Young Player of The Year, he has a very bright future ahead of him and maybe now Manchester City’s Mario Balotelli will have heard of him.

Reece Ravalier (@ReeceRav)

Street Fighter X Tekken

Being developed by Capcom, the core gameplay of Street Fighter X Tekken is similar to that of the original Street Fighter series, incorporating elements such as Super Combos, as well as EX Attacks from Street Fighter IV. Players each choose two fighters from the Street Fighter and Tekken, the latter of which can be optionally controlled using Tekken‘s 4-button system.

As Namco is in charge of the game’s production, the gameplay will be similar to that of Tekken. This is not the first time Namco and Capcom have join forces to make a game together, in 2005 they released a Japan-only crossover game for PlayStation 2 titled Namco X Capcom.

As of right now there is no release date but this will be the biggest game of whatever year it comes out when it does. As with most crossover games, each character will have a rival(s). Ryu faces off agains’t Kazuya in this official gameplay reveal and as if that wasn’t enough, Chun-Li and Nina tag in!

Lakeem Greaves (@iamLAKZ)

Upset On The Horizon?

When the Champions League Quarter Final Draw was first announced, I firmly believe that I was one of a small minority that thought that Spurs would get through at the expense of Spanish Giants Real Madrid. Out of the 8 teams still involved in the competition I saw Real Madrid as being an easier opponent especially for Spurs, not disregarding the illustrious squad of Real Madrid or even the the ‘Special One’, Jose Mourinho as being a world class manager. But I mean psychologically it could be a bit too much for Mourinho’s men this season. I haven’t been entirely convinced with Real Madrid this season ever since I saw them humbled by Barcelona in an emphatic manner at the Nou Camp in November earlier this season when they lost 5-0. They have some of the best attacking players in Europe, with the likes of Karim Benzema, if fit for the clash, Mesut Ozil, Angel Di Maria, Kaka, Xabi Alonso and the Portuguese phenomenon Cristiano Ronaldo, who would be my pick for the best player in the world if it wasn’t for Leo Messi, however that is another story, but I still believe that will not be enough.

The Real Madrid hierarchy has an obsession like no other to win the Champions League after a 9 year barren spell without winning Europe’s elite competition and that will play in the player’s minds. I also believe that Mourinho has a lot of work and adjusting to do with his side and the work will not be completed until maybe his second season in charge, when he has a lot more time to pick out his ideal signings and get rid of any deadwood he might feel the Los Merengues do not need. Furthermore I believe that Real Madrid has their eyes firmly set on getting revenge on their arch-rivals Barcelona and in return will show great complacency against a team that they would consider to be weaker than most teams that are left in the Champions League.

On the other hand the ‘underdog’ title has been of great use to Spurs this season as their unpredictable nature has left many football fans entertained and enthralled throughout this campaign. Looking at Harry Redknapp’s side it is plain to see that they have attacking capabilities themselves that can match Madrid, especially their midfield, with Modric proving why he is one of the best midfielders in Europe this season, Lennon has been in great form on the right, Van Der Vaart has been excellent since signing from Real and last but not least everyone’s favourite winger Gareth Bale, of whom Real Madrid right-back Sergio Ramos will be very aware of given the damage the Welshmen caused against Maicon earlier on in the competition.

So why disregard Spurs? After all their mentality is simple, they will be fearless and will go to great lengths to prove that they belong in this competition. I can imagine Harry uttering the words ‘Lads you have nothing to lose’, or ‘Go out there and let’s give these fans something to tell their Grandchildren about’, during his pre-match team talk. Their CL campaign has been almost fairytale-like, beating both Milan sides to get to the quarter-finals and you know they would like nothing more than to match that by competing and beating Spanish Giants, Real Madrid and Barcelona en route to Wembley. If Spurs can get at least one away goal at The Santiago Bernabeau, then I believe there is nothing to say that they cannot beat the Los Merengues at White Hart Lane, come the 2nd Leg.

Reece Ravalier (@ReeceRav)

Throwback Perico Pinero

This video is why everybody knows not to trouble Styles P. While 50 Cent was being interviewed by Angie Martinez on her Hot 97 radio show Styles P decides to make a phone call and address a few issues. 50 tries to mock Styles by saying that he’ll sign him to G-Unit but Styles has none of it and goes into a blind rage. If you haven’t seen it in the past YOU NEED TO WATCH IT NOW!!

Lakeem Greaves (@iamLAKZ)

Styles P Reminds Us Why He’s The Hardest Out

I don’t really need to say too much on this topic, everyone should already know Styles P is the hardest rapper out! But just incase you didn’t know watch this video.

Lakeem Greaves (@iamLAKZ)

Distant Relatives Concert

Nas & Damian Marley collaborated together to make the album Distant Relatives in 2010, in which they were over here to perform in front of a sold out crowd at Wembley Arena. This concert was supported by soulstress Erykah Badu and dancehall artist Spragga Benz, while DJ Semtex provided the hip-hop set followed by David Rodigan’s reggae set.

Spragga Benz opened up lively for the duo, performing songs from his latest release ‘Shotta Culture’ but was interrupted prematurely through his heart felt speech about the murder of his 17 year old son by the Jamaican police. When I caught up with the star after the show he expressed his disappointment at the manner in which the issue was handled. His performance was followed shortly by Erykah Badu. The audience started to pack out the stands as Erykah Badu performed some of her past classics mixed with some of her newer material.

The joint album, Distant Relatives, is heavily influenced by the theme of African ancestry and the eradication of world poverty. The artists and songs featured on the album verify its intention with Somali rapper K’Naan and iconic reggae artist Dennis Brown on the songs ‘Tribes At War’ and ‘Land Of Promise’, respectively. The album received high acclaim from music critics who labelled it purposeful, also stating that it had a fresh, righteous tone. Other notable critics said that Nas and Damian Marley worked well together bouncing off of each other on most songs.

As I anticipated finally seeing the hip hop legend, which I grew up listening to, he suddenly burst onto stage with Damian Marley to the bang of their anthem ‘As We Enter’. Shortly afterward, Nas performed many of his classic solo bangers accompanied by DJ Green Lantern’s scratches on the decks. Nas left out plenty hits from his long discography that goes back all the way to 1992, New York State of Mind, Get Down and Ether just to name a few. The feeling inside the venue was peaceful, everyone was mellow appreciating the empowering messages that the duo were feeding through the music.

After five enjoyable hours of performances, the show ended on a positive note with a special tribute to the slain British reggae artist Smiley Culture. Nas and Damian Marley ended the show by bringing Erykah Badu back on stage. She decided to change her outfit and was now wearing a fitting t-shirt which read ‘Hip-Hop Is Bigger Than Religion’. The great evening couldn’t be marred by a senseless fight that broke out in the standing section which was instantly broken up by security and people got back to enjoying the music. After calls for an encore Nas, Damian Marley and Spragga Benz returned to the stage together saluting their roaring audience.

Lakeem Greaves (@iamLAKZ)