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£32Million Wonderkid

Is all the hype over Alexis Sanchez worthy? Well from the footage that I have seen of the young Chilean it would seem he is, but there’s a more important question. Will he be able to adjust to Barcelona’s, already perfect, starting eleven? Personally, I feel he would! He already plays with the characteristics of a Barca player, with similarities to Barca’s own attacking midfielder Pedro. In my opinion, he would fit right into the current Barcelona squad, if he were to move there this transfer window.

The 22 year old Udinese winger play’s with plenty of flair and seems set to become one of European football’s brightest young stars but if you don’t trust my word, here’s a clip to help you make your own judgement…

Lakeem Greaves (@iamLAKZ)


A Clear Sight Of The Transfer Window

Now as a United fan I am going to bring light on this “where is Ashley Young going to fit in this United team?” palaver. Looking at the United side of last year there was two things that annoyed me, for one the over reliance, yet again, on the old legs of Ryan Giggs and the lack of flair in our team, both in the centre of the park and sometimes on the wing. Now let’s take a look at our wingers, first of all Nani. He spent most of the season being our key player and assisting the likes of Berbatov, Hernandez and Rooney with his superb crosses, from the RIGHT hand side, sorry to be abrupt so early. His best form came on the right hand side of United as he used his unpredictability to great effect, defenders knew that if they got too tight on him he could easily go past them and find a shot or a goal, give him space and Nani will deliver a cross to one of our three goal-scoring predators in Berba, Wazza and Chicarito. His change to the left hand side saw him go back to the inconsistent form that has thwarted fans into showing much dismay to him and dub him as a fake Ronaldo, a name that I could imagine he must hate. So as the season came to an end it is very easy to see where Nani will be featured next year when selected for the first team.

Park-Ji-Sung now, a defensive winger who always performs in the big games, no matter where he plays. Will he get you 10 goals and 18 assists a season? The answer is no, but will he close and hunt you down like a soldier with a gun? Most definitely yes. He is a useful player, in fact the best useful player in the Premier League given his importance in key matches and key matches alone and let’s not forget his ability to get that odd goal every now and then. Antonio Valencia now, in my opinion our most reliable winger and I could imagine the winger that strikers will love to play with the most as he is a classical winger, which is get the ball down to the bar line and find a head with a cross, just ask Rooney last season how good he is at doing that. After that horrific injury suffered against Rangers, Valencia made a speedy recovery and picked up from where he left off last season using his pace and crossing ability to provide a great attacking threat and let’s not forget his incredible workrate. And then we go onto Bebe and Obertan, who I’d rather not get into because it might take all day for me to analyse what is indeed wrong with these two wingers. And then you have Giggs who clearly isn’t a winger anymore. So looking at this now there is one position that needs filling and that is the left midfield spot, as Nani is a right winger and will rotate with Valencia pretty in the same way that they did in the last month of the campaign this season just gone.

And Park is not your everyday winger so therefore will not start every game for us, so that leaves a space in the market for someone new and fresh on the wings that can whip in a cross and set pieces to our forwards. Step forth Ashley Young a 25 year old full England international who is showing by his England displays that he can hang around with the best of them and when he steps onto Old Trafford he will probably know that there will be no better than Manchester United.

Reece Ravalier (@ReeceRav)