Prelude To El Clasico

The greatest football match in club football on the calendar year returns again. SkySports pundits may suggest that to being the Manchester United and Liverpool game. Italian experts and pundits maybe encouraged to believe that the Milan Derby is the greatest football match in club football. But without a shadow of a doubt the greatest spectacle in world football is witnessing Barcelona vs Real Madrid go neck and neck in the El Clasico. The match will see 22 of the world’s best take centre stage, with an added 14 players of quality take their place on the bench eager to participate. The showdown on Sunday will be the first League meeting between Tito Villanova and Jose Mourinho. Barcelona boast of a perfect league record going into the match and Jose Mourinho will lead his men into the match at the back of already pipping Villanova to the first honours available to both sides, the Spanish Super Cup. The match yet again provide us with the ultimate battle in terms of player rivalries, Messi vs Ronaldo, both of whom have already reached double figures for the season, despite at times being below their absolute best given their incredibly high standards.

Whoever you believe is the better footballer you can guarantee that at least one of these players will be on the scoresheet. Within the last El Classico’s in which both men have featured for their sides, which equals up to 15, only twice have neither men scored in this very fixture, indicating the importance of both players to their side’s chances. The match which takes place at the home of Barcelona, the Camp Nou would have one assume that Barcelona should come out on top, however given the tactical adjustments of Mourinho and his backroom staff in recent El Clasico’s played at the Camp Nou we could see either a draw or maybe, just maybe Real Madrid sneaking in a closely fought victory. I personally will be swaying more towards a 3-1 Barcelona victory, but either way this spectacle as always will be something of a classic.

Reece Ravalier (@ReeceRav)


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