David Stern Retires As NBA Commissioner

After spending nearly three decades assisting in expanding the professional basketball world into a globally renowned brand, David Stern announced that he will be retiring from the sport he turned into a $5 billion a year industry. Confident that the NBA is in good shape and certain that his successor can keep improving it, Stern announced that he will be ending his career. As far as General Managers, Directors and Commissioners go David Stern’s has to be one of the most successful and impactful careers in sports history.

Stern became the NBA General Counsel in 1978 and helped the league negotiate a salary cap and a drug-testing program with the NBA Players’ Association. The league has added seven teams since Stern became Commissioner and established an international footprint, considered a vital move for marketing the NBA. Also the NBA Development League and the WNBA were birthed under Stern’s leadership.

The real explosion came in 1992, when global NBA stars such as Michael Jordan headed the Dream Team that led the U.S. to the Olympic basketball gold medal while winning more fans around the world. The NBA has gone on to play games in 17 countries, staging 114 international games.

The NBA battled through four lockouts during Stern’s tenure, the most recent was last year, which saw the regular-season season delayed nearly two months but ended with a collective bargaining agreement covering 10 years.

Stern will take his final bow as Commissioner on 1 February 2014, 30 years to the day that he took charge of the league and he will be replaced by his Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver. Silver, 50, has been with the NBA for 16 years. He has been the league’s Deputy Commissioner and Chief Operating Officer since July 2006.

FIFA President Sepp Blatter could take a few pointers as Blatter himself approaches his 15th year on the job.

Lakeem Greaves (@iamLAKZ)


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