In Arsene’s Defence…


I once made the claim that you cannot take the Arsene out of Arsenal, it may sound cliché but has a great deal of truth. As a Non-Arsenal supporter some of the things that I may say in my analysis may come across as naïve and delusional but just hear me out.

Arsenal has endured their worst start to a season under the regime of Arsene Wenger, that cannot be mistaken. Their drought seems ever so likely to drag on for another season, unless Arsenal manage to do a Chelsea and miraculously find European Glory, unlikely but not impossible and there is the FA Cup triumph, realistic to a certain degree, but Arsenal fans should not get their hopes up about making it to Wembley just yet.

So there is a lot of work to be done at Arsenal. The supposed ‘Yes Man’ in the dugout Steve Bould has come under fire, because he is not Pat Rice. Giroud at times has come under fire because he is not RVP, Ramsey has come under fire for what seems almost an eternity because he is not Fabregas and finally Wenger has come under fire because he is not Mourinho, Mancini or Ancelloti, in other words willing to spend.

The next criticism is never too far away at the Emirates, mainly because of teams coming from out of nowhere to eclipse them. The hurtful fact is that Arsenal’s decline started as soon as their talisman Thierry Henry left. It was the first sign of Wenger’s intent. His philosophies will always lead him to believe that he has a replacement already within his ranks to take over. In this case he had RVP and Adebayor, which in Wenger’s defence is a resourceful move. Similarly when Cole left in 2007 Clichy was able to take his place in admirable fashion. But as I’m writing even I’m noticing the common trend.

Wenger is a man of principle likeable to Ferguson, his former rival, both managers believe that their players should show great loyalty to the club, fans and most notably to their coach. However only Ferguson can be successful in that respect. The Wayne Rooney scenario was a case of player vs manager ending in a stalemate. They both wanted different things and Rooney did the right thing in signing a new lucrative contract, yes that did make him a very rich man, but everyone was a winner.

Wenger has always found himself on the loser’s side and hasn’t been supported by his board, who clearly are not doing enough at the back to make sure that their club is being run in the modern way. I’m pretty sure that any other so-called big club would not allow what has happened at Arsenal over the last few years to happen at their club. Something would have to change in the boardroom, maybe a takeover but one thing that could never take place is another manager taking over the helm at Arsenal.

If anything Wenger should be the person that everyone should be defending, he knows clearly that his squad are incapable to compete at the top level. Yet his side are in the second round of the Champions League and the two big spenders are not. Another common trend. Wenger will eat gone off food, pick up food poisoning from it and then thank the chef. Give Mancini the same portion of gone off food and see if he would be just as gracious.

My point although fairly elaborate is that Arsene should never be under fire, the only thing that you can condemn him of is defending his pre-modernised boardroom staff. What other manager would maintain this amount of loyalty. Pep? Jose? Carlo? Roberto? Rafa? Piers Morgan even?

Don’t mind me I’m just ranting out loud.

Reece Ravalier (@ReeceRav)


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