Weekly Tribute: Lower League Legends [Week 3]

Wayne Allison, Tranmere Rovers

For this week’s Weekly Tribute I won’t be dedicating it to just one person like I have done in previous weeks, this week’s goes out to three lower league footballers who I believe deserve a tribute.

Today started with some shocking news, reading through my Twitter timeline a tweet from the Football Ramble truly stunned me. The news was that former Coventry, Sheffield United and Birmingham winger Peter Ndlovu was involved in a horror crash that has left the player in a serious but stable condition but claimed the life of his older brother Adam.

It goes without saying that everyone involved in this blog wishes Peter all the best.

The news did though get me thinking of what I was going to write about today. It’s well known I support Fulham and have done for many years, it was during my formative years that opposition players made the biggest impact on me. My formative years as a football fan involved watching Fulham in the lower leagues, so this post is dedicated to a few of the less well known players that made a HUGE impact on me.

Craig Hignett, I thought he was an amazing player whenever I saw him in the flesh. Craig lit up a few games at the Cottage, I mainly remember him for Blackburn, I was convinced he was way too good for the then Division 1. Craig had a reasonable career before and after I witnessed him playing for Blackburn. Prior to me witnessing the creative midfielder, Craig had notched up 150 games for Crewe before moving to the top table with Middlesbrough where he had 194 games in an eventful spell in Boro’s history. The following years saw Craig representing Aberdeen and Barnsley, in the Premier League before signing for Blackburn Rovers for £2.2 million. Craig helped Blackburn to the Premier League and also won a League Cup for the club. After his successful stint at Rovers Craig went on to play for numerous other clubs including Leicester, Leeds and Darlington.

Before Rory Delap there was Dave Challinor, the man scared me, his throws were unnatural. Challinor was a long throw expert who was representing Tranmere Rovers when I encountered his incredible arm. At one point Challinor had the world record for the longest throw in football, it was like a rocket, I have never seen anything like it. Whenever we played Tramere Challinor caused chaos with his throw ins. Challinor is a player I will always remember.

Lastly the player that I admired a lot during our lower league days was Wayne Allison, again a Tranmere player, I think my Dad took me to too many games against them! A real goal machine, a player that always scared me due to his goal scoring threat. Wayne had a respectable career prior to and after I witnessed him scoring over 200 goals for his clubs. A hugely respected lower league player, Wayne turned out for eight clubs playing 752 games in a long career he was a player I remember always scoring and always being old weirdly!

So that’s this week’s Weekly Tribute, three awesome lower league players I will never forget, hope you all enjoyed it pop back next week where the tribute will be festive.

Aidan Fulham (@AidanFulham)


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