Brede Hangeland Off To QPR?


The news today that’s all over Fulham and QPR’s online forums, The Independent Fulham Forum and Loft For Words but also Twitter and the mainstream and local press is that QPR are about to take advantage of Fulham’s contractual wrangling and steal Brede Hangeland.

To make the fears of every Fulham fan worse Harry Redknapp has made his traditional I’m not interested as he belongs to another club BUT he’s a top player comments. These comments surely mean he’s off to QPR?

There are two ways to look at the situation, the first way is that Brede wants to leave Fulham and has like many players fallen out with Martin Jol, as rumours have been stating for some time. The second way of looking at the situation is that it is another ploy by the big Norwegian’s agent to get Brede an ageing player one last big contract to see out his days at the Cottage.

There are also two ways to look at Hangeland the player. The first is that Brede is a player on a downward spiral, his performances have not matched the high standards that he set earlier in his Fulham career and it may be time for Fulham to bid farewell and replace him before he becomes worse, especially as he doesn’t really fit in with Jol’s fast play out from the back style and should be replaced with a player such as Douglas who has been heavily linked with the club since the summer.

The second way to look at Brede Hangeland leaving Fulham is that we simply can not allow him to go to a rival. Brede going to QPR could mean that a legends status will be tarnished and Fulham must pull out all the stops to ensure a real legend remains at the club.

Either way Brede going would be a sad day for Fulham but could turn out to be a positive, let’s just hope it isn’t QPR I can’t imagine booing the best centre back I’ve ever seen representing Fulham.

Aidan Fulham (@AidanFulham)


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