Fergie’s Last Transfer?


As the transfer speculation hots up once again, one side that will probably be cast aside from all the paper talk is Manchester United. Depending on what you read the coming summer should see many comings and goings at Old Trafford, most notably United fans should be overt to the knowledge that the so-called Old Guard of Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Rio Ferdinand will most likely leave at the end of the year through impending retirements.

Therefore Sir Alex will be hoping for his latest crop of youngsters to step forward and take over the reins. Players like Rafael, Chris Smalling, Phil Jones, Tom Cleverley, Nick Powell and Danny Welbeck have already been earmarked as United’s new generation, with Wayne Rooney, Javier Hernandez, Ashley Young, Anderson and Nani seemingly in their primes in terms of their age.

However there is one thing missing from the crop of youngsters that I’ve identified and that is a raw talent to be the catalyst and change this group from hopefuls to world beaters. Remember when the class of 92 had begun to make noise, you could have suggested that David Beckham and Ryan Giggs were the catalysts behind that group. Similarly when there were early signs of Giggs losing that yard of pace, Ferguson already had the likes of Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo bursting on the scene.

When you think about it, all of United’s star names or key players from the past had a ‘wonderkid’ to play alongside them, Cantona had Beckham and Giggs, Van Nisterlrooy had Ronaldo and Rooney, to keep up Fergie’s philosophy of interlinking both youth and experience in his team, so with that said who does Rooney have? Without being too harsh on Welbeck, as good as he will undoubtedly be, he doesn’t quite scream out the word ‘wonderkid’.

Consequently it does seem likely that Fergie will break the bank to sign that elusive wonderkid at some point in the next year. Don’t believe me? Well look at Ferguson’s willingness to sign both Eden Hazard and Lucas Moura before failing with both transfers and not to mention a reported cheeky little approach to sign Neymar. Shinji Kagawa was always going to be signed in the summer, same goes for Nick Powell and the transfer of RVP was a near once in a lifetime signing for Fergie.

But Ferguson’s main target was a wonderkid to lead his generation to the next 10 years. Recent reports from both the UK and Germany have suggested that United have a deal in place to sign striker Robert Lewandowski from German side Borussia Dortmund, something that has not been denied nor confirmed by the club.

My theory although a theory of optimism leads one to believe that Ferguson has probably sent a chief scout out to Germany to look at another of Dortmund’s talented jewels. Last season Mat Hummels was believed to be a transfer target of Ferguson’s however it was his teammate who was signed up by Manchester United in Shinji Kagawa. Maybe Ferguson has played the same card for a second successive year and is probably looking at Mario Gotze. But why Gotze?

If we are talking about one of the best players in world football under 22 then Gotze will definitely be amongst your top 3 in that list. A truly versatile player who still I believe doesn’t know his best position, has the skill and tactical awareness to fit into Ferguson’s team and become the talisman for the next 10 years. His understanding with Kagawa is almost telepathic and would indefinitely improve Kagawa’s game at United.

Also encouragingly enough for United Gotze has a clause in his contract, a clause that I have recently spoken about in one of my recent posts, which states that Gotze can speak to any club if that club offers a fee of £35m, this sum equals the money Chelsea spent on Hazard and the total that PSG agreed with Sao Paulo for the transfer of Lucas Moura.

Face it Ferguson’s tenure at United is nearly up, given his age and will want to give his successor the best possible chance of carrying on from where he left off, therefore that means leaving him with a squad capable to perform at that present time, however young enough to adapt to new tactics and philosophies. And he will want a player with enough star quality to act as that new talisman of his successor’s regime at United.

Just an examined intuition I guess…

Reece Ravalier (@ReeceRav)


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