Cassidy vs Meek Mill.. Game Over?


A couple weeks back we brought you the latest news on the beef surrounding Philadelphia’s very own Meek Mill and Cassidy, which seemed to be encouraging a lot of talk in the rap game. Meek may have comeback last week but that only provoked a venomous reply from Cass.

In a freestyle lasting just over 10 mins the Hotel star went H.A.M and lyrically destroyed MMG’s very own Meek Mill. If you don’t believe me check out the diss track titled R.A.I.D (Robert Ass Is Dead) for yourself.

The freestyle was reminiscent of old skool hip hop when the game was real competitive, almost Ether like. Whilst Cass and Meek are not the Jay and Nas of today, one has to admit that this Philly rivalry has definitely dominated headlines and has kicked 2013 off in the right way.

Will the ‘House Party’ star retaliate? My guesses are probably so. However it will take a very strong arsenal of lyrical prowess from Meek Mill to claim victory in a battle that I truly believe is already lost.

Reece Ravalier (@ReeceRav)


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