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The festive period is always a very busy time for myself, working in theatre means I have little time to do anything over the run of panto than work on panto. As you can imagine working so much made it extremely difficult to keep abreast of football as I’d normally do I hardly even got time to watch Match of the Day let alone read and watch football as I would normally do. The one way I found to counter act this was via podcasts, so for any of you finding it hard to keep up with football I’m going to give you the run down of what kept me abreast of the beautiful game with a handy list of the best podcasts easily streamable from an iPhone.

The Guardian’s Football Weekly
The fantastic James Richardson fronted Guardian produced Football Weekly, which often has two editions a week released Monday and Thursday afternoons. The blog offers a fantastic range of football punditry, reflecting and previewing the biggest issues in the game. Pundits contributing include Sid Lowe calling from Spain, the hilarious Barry Glendening and of course Rafa Honigstein.

The Game Podcast
The always listenable Gabriel Marcotti fronts another fantastic podcast in a similar vein to Football Weekly the podcast previews and reviews the biggest issues in the Game, as the audio accompaniment to The Times Game supplement the free podcast gives many like me who do not pay the times pay wall an opportunity to listen to The Times stance on footballs issues.

The Football Ramble
For me the funniest exclusively football related podcast on the Internet, a must listen. Football Ramble offers football intellectuals everything, previewing and reviewing games like the first two podcasts mentioned in my list but also offering so much more. The Football Ramble is jam-packed full of banter, Marcus, Jim, Luke and Pete make great hosts. The podcast opens with the presenters having a witty nonsensical conversation, it is then followed by coverage of football in England then Scotland, Europe and the World. Other features in the show include, Pete’s game where the panelists have to guess the player Pete is giving clues about and then there is the weekly inductee into the Dean Windass Hall of Fame where a certain player or manager is given a full profile. It is easy to see why The Football Ramble is the UK’s number one independent football podcast.

The Footballer’s Football Show
The only podcast on my list that is also a television show but for those like me unlucky enough not to own a Sky subscription, this podcast is a tremendous treat. Fronted by Dave Jones guests from the football world give their views on the biggest issues in the game, issues covered include, homophobia, racism, financial control, managerial changes and team rivalries. What makes this podcast so vital is the contributions to the show from those in football.

So there you have it, my list of the podcasts that kept me up to date with football with the limited time I had over the festive period to get my slice of football. So if like me you may struggle for time to catch up with football, use your commute and listen to one of the fantastic Podcasts I’ve given you the low down on.

Aidan Fulham (@AidanFulham)


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