What Is Happening At Nottingham Forest?!


On the day everyone in football has been left shocked by Southampton’s decision to fire Nigel Adkins, the man who guided the Saints to back to back promotions and an extremely credible start to life in the Premier league, I am left shocked by another news story I saw on Sky Sports news and that is Nottingham Forest’s decision to part company with Mark Arthur and Keith Burt and Frank Clark.

In the last few months a club that I thought just a few months were going the right way about returning to the top flight have dismissed a progressive young manager with solid football ideals Sean O’Driscoll, chief executive Mark Arthur a Forest stalwart, head of requirement Keith Burt and club ambassador Frank Clark.

The reason I had so much faith in Nottingham Forest was due in part to an episode of the Footballer Football Show. In the episode of the podcast Mark Arthur made extremely positive noises concerning the clubs new ownership, stating the owners were realistic, ambitious, willing to do things in the right way and at the club for the long haul. He told listeners that the owners were the right people for the club and had the patience to do things in the correct sustainable fashion this now though seems to me to be complete lies due to the actions of the owners in the last few weeks.

My faith in Forest and their owner began to diminish when the club made what for me is an extremely short-sighted decision in sacking Sean O’Driscoll, possibly the most progressive manager in the entire country a man who made Doncaster the Arsenal of the Championship and on the occasions I saw Forest wasn’t doing the worst job of repeating the trick. At the time of O’Driscoll’s sacking Nottingham Forest football was shocked by the callous actions of the Forest board removing the man who had just managed a team to a 4-2 win against Leeds, leading the side to 8th in the Championship just one point away from the play offs, to make matters worse the axe fell on Boxing Day!

Nottingham Forest’s chairman Fawaz Al Hasawi defending the sacking by stating Forest had ambitions to be a Premier League club and from that perspective perhaps Sean’s face sadly never fitted at the City ground. Forest’s choice for a successor bemused and enraged fans, the club appointed Alex McLeish. Now this isn’t going to turn into a personal tirade against Alex whose record outside of Scotland I feel speaks its limits for itself but come on this surely isn’t the massive name Forest spoke of on the day of sacking Sean O’Driscoll.

I was personally disappointed after Forest’s decision to sack Sean O’Driscoll but today I have lost all faith in the message delivered on the Footballer Football Show, it’s clear Forest now have no intention of gaining promotion in the right way a sustainable way, the owners don’t care who they hurt in the quest to gain Premier League football.

Today confirmed this to me even further the sackings of Arthur, Clark and Burt show a short-sighted callous approach to gaining Premier League football. Mark Arthur’s response ‘Shock it came out of the blue’, sums up Forest’s new knee jerk decisions, which are destabilising a decent work in progress who are currently in 9th place.

Aidan Fulham (@AidanFulham)


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  1. Bullcrap, personal opinion, research on tweets?

  2. Alright David, bit harsh surely you can agree the current actions of the Forrest board in recent weeks have been mystifying? I assume your a Forrest fan? Could you explain where my reading of the situation is perhaps flawed because all i can see is a club making some crazy decisions that are threatening to derail a club that i heard were working towards a three year plan it looks to me that this has been scraped in favour of a promotion or bust statergy which rearly works in the long term.

    Thanks for reading all the best


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