What Is Going On At Nottingham Forest ?!? [Part 2]

You may remember I wrote a piece documenting the absolute shambles I believed to be happening at Nottingham Forest, about a month ago entitled, “What Is Happening At Nottingham Forest?!” Today sadly I’m forced to ask the exact same question.

The circus at The City Ground appears now to be a permanent fixture. This week’s events illustrate the point I made in my last post on this topic, Nottingham Forest is a club in crisis due in my opinion to short-sighted owners.

Today Alex McLeish left the Reds by mutual consent, the reason cited, “difference in the understanding of the development strategy of the football club”. After just 6 weeks in the hot seat McLeish appeared unable to work under the stewardship of the club’s owners.

This isn’t a defence of Alex McLeish, who I believe to be one of the worst managers out there, but you have to feel sorry for a manager who joined a club promised one thing and was given another thing.

Alex was promised was a club willing to spend a decent amount of money on decent players to be able to mount a serious challenge for promotion. What Alex was greeted with in the transfer window, was offers from the owner, to take on players from Qatar, McLeish deemed that these players were not good enough for the Championship level. What Alex attempted to do was bring in established Championship players, most notable George Boyd. The George Boyd saga was embarrassing for Forest, the reason citied for the failed transfer was an inconclusive eye test, widely reported this failure was due to Boyd wearing contact lenses which are pretty common in football.

The loss of Alex McGlesh in the circumstances that they occurred have plunged the East Midlands giants into further crisis. In the last two months City have had two managers and sacked three senior members of the clubs senior management.

So what is next for Forest? I am extremely worried, I simply can’t see a manager willing to risk a reputation at such an unstable poorly run football club, I am though sure someone will be enticed to take on the challenge. One thing is for certain the next man at the City ground must be their for the long run and be the right man for the job because no player in their right mind would join the circus of The City Ground.

Aidan Fulham (@AidanFulham)


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