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A Possible Day Of Reckoning At The Emirates


The obnoxious thought of Robin Van Persie ending his trophy drought at the expense of his former side Arsenal is an ever growing possibility. The number at the back of the Dutchman’s shirt, 20 symbolised RVP’s intent on bringing Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson closer to British football immortality. The glooming thought of United dropping points in the following coming weeks sets up a momentous stipulation, the contemplation of the Gooners worse of seasons will indeed concede them to feel that hell will disembark at the Emirates come 12:45 27th April.

To avoid this potential hot-blooded circumstance, it all boils down to things remaining pretty much straight forward and the durable winning streak of Ferguson’s men continuing in the league. With a near injury free squad, Ferdinand seemingly permitted, Manchester United have welcomed the so-called ”Business-end” in the best shape possible. And with the form of key players such as Wayne Rooney and of course Robin Van Persie, both enjoying relatively self-approved international breaks, maybe the Gunners worst fears will be aborted and the Gooners can continue their loathed onslaught of a once beloved hero without the darkened deliberation that that very player will not be parading his new “I came here to win trophies” t-shirt come the final whistle.

Then again such as the volatility of the Premier League the alternative outcomes appear to be endless. United could very clinch title number 20 at home by beating title rivals and neighbours Manchester City, if they do endure on an unprecedented poor run of form.

The next 12 points are there for the taking for Manchester United, four wins and title number 20 is theirs, however slip up and the daunting trip of heading to the Emirates looms the head of you know who, I know what scenario RVP would much prefer.

Reece Ravalier (@ReeceRav)


Rick Ross Explains “U.O.E.N.O.” Rape Lyric

Rocko’s collabo with Future and Rick Ross “U.O.E.N.O.” has been a big hit but it seems Ross landed himself in hot water with one of his lyrics on the song. Rozay bragged that he dropped a ‘molly’ in her drink and “she don’t even know it”, sounds like Rozay is advocating some kind of sexual assault. It was only a matter of time before this issue was going to be addressed and while on Q 93.3 in New Orleans he did so. Rozay said his line was misinterpreted and doesn’t condone rape. Hopefully after all of this, this will be the last time we hear a molly rap.

Lakeem Greaves (@iamLAKZ)

The Streak Is Over

Miami Heat’s 27 game winning streak comes to an end in Chicago as the Bulls managed to get the hard-earned 101-97 victory even without its franchise star Derrick Rose. Rumours were that the 2011 MVP was to make his return in yesterdays fixture but those rumours proved to be just rumours.

At the end of the game a Bulls fan tried to grab LeBron James’ headband to which King James didn’t take too kindly. His spider-senses must have been tingling because his reactions were super swift.

the returnwade lied


Lakeem Greaves (@iamLAKZ)

Is French Montana Lying?

French Montana visits Big Boy’s Neighborhood to address 50 Cent’s previous allegations that French gave 50 footage of DJ Khaled’s mother at work. In this video its evident his “brother” Ricky Rozay taught him how to dodge these kind of questions. French was almost doing the Harlem Shake around the answer, I’m not even sure if he actually answered the initial question posed. This video reminded of Rick Ross spinning around allegations he was under pressure by the Gangster Disciples in Chicago.

Lakeem Greaves (@iamLAKZ)

Forbes Five: Hip-Hop’s Wealthiest Artists 2013

Forbes’ annual countdown of  the top five richest based on overall net worth, featuring the usual suspects.

XXL Freshman Class 2013

XXL Freshman Class 2013

Jurgen Klopp’s Dortmund


Before I start writing this piece I want it to be clear that I am not suddenly jumping on the exuberant Jurgen Klopp bandwagon which has stemmed from Borussia Dortmund’s impressive Champions League run. I could have wrote this last year when BVB went on their incredible undefeated streak, resulting in them winning the double and bringing a new leash of life back into Europe’s most organised league in terms of financial structure. But I guess this was by my standards relatively overdue.

Jurgen Klopp stands on the touchline with his BVB cap, looking rather like a 6”3 German Ian Beale, during his worst of days. But take away his touchline appearance and you are possibly looking at one of Europe’s better managers.

At Dortmund a dynasty has been created, Klopp’s philosophies of how he sets his team to play is one of the best I’ve heard in years. He wants his side’s football to be played in the way that he likes football to be viewed as a supporter, entertaining. After observing and analysing over thousands of live games worldwide, his global knowledge of football is what drives his young Dortmund team on.

2010-2011 was the first time in a long time that I heard of Borussia Dortmund’s name in the title picture. They welcomed the adulation of their very own holy trinity; the then vice captain Nuri Sahin, Shinji Kagawa and Mario Gotze.

The latter foreshadowed the new BVB; youthful, gifted and loyal. Since that very season Sahin and Kagawa left Siguna Park to exert themselves in the so-called better leagues in La Liga and the Premier League, respectively. But that didn’t leave a void in Dortmund’s arsenal; if anything it prompted far greater authenticity.

Ilkay Gundagon, 22, has now turned into Europe’s most desired deep lying playmaker, after being linked with a host of European’s top clubs. The Turkish-born German arrived at Dortmund for a minimal fee of £6.5 million from Nuremburg, although taking a long time to adapt to his surroundings at BVB has since become the Andrea Pirlo of Borussia Dortmund and under the tutelage of Klopp has earned call ups to the national team.

Marco Reus since his arrival and return back to the club that he began his football career has proved that he is more than just a replacement for Shinji Kagawa.

The footballing chemistry between Mario Gotze is something to be admired and most of the credit has to go to Klopp for forging such a talented German duo to be at the forefront of Dortmund’s frontline. Franz Beckenbaeur has subjected himself to claims that the duo in his own words are, “a classic duo, there is no body better than prolific Reus and Gotze”.

The German contingence of Mats Hummels, Marcel Schmelzer, Sven Bender, Ilkay Gundagon, Marco Reus and Mario Gotze is exactly what Klopp yearns. Since Euro 2008 a new German infrastructure conspired, which encouraged the exposure of youngsters Mesut Ozil and Thomas Muller in World Cup 2010. Klopp has adopted that mentality and exercised it into his Dortmund team.

Amongst his German contingence funnily enough lies Moritz Leitner and Leonardo Bitterncourt two younger German starlets, patiently awaiting their calling to become a part of what is at this moment European’s most exciting club.

Reece Ravalier (@ReeceRav)

Meek Mill To Release Debut Novel, ‘Tony Story’


Meek Mill brings his Dreamchasers and Dreams & Nightmares hip-hop series ‘Tony Story’ to life through paperback and e-book come the beginning of May. Like the cover to Dreamchasers 3, the MMG rapper has unveiled the book’s cover early.

Tony Story will be Meek’s first ever novel, will follow the lives of best friends Tony and Ty on the hard streets of Philadelphia, who are torn apart by money, envy and greed.

The book’s summary reads, “After a deadly shooting, the streets of Philly were in an uproar and the lives of many people revolved around revenge. Gold digger Kee capitalized on the built-up tension; but before she could really enjoy the fruits of her labor, she was thrust into the middle of a street war with the cost being her life.

Trust was not an option and revenge was the only thing anyone had in common. Paulie wanted revenge for his cousin; LB wanted revenge for his brother. They both had blood in their eyes and murder in mind; names were called while gunners lurked in the shadows. It became bigger than the almighty dollar and no one was safe. Philly won’t be the same after you’re a witness to Tony Story.”

Following in the footsteps of only a handful of rappers before him Meek Mil has ventured into writing books, it sounds like it will be an interesting story if the songs are anything to go by. Hopefully another chapter to this two-part tale will be released on the upcoming Dreamchasers 3 or maybe he will just release them in book form from now on, either way I’m anticipating something.

Lakeem Greaves (@iamLAKZ)

Dwyane Wade Interiews LeBron James After 26th Consecutive Win

A Dwyane Wade-less Miami Heat win their 26th straight game albeit against the worst team in he NBA, Michael Jordan’s Charlotte Bobcats. After their 26th win on the trot LeBron James was interviewed by his injured teammate D-Wade. It seems like extending this already historic run is just a walk in the park for these guys and they are just playing around having fun as evident by Chris Bosh’s special appearance.

CR Blacks – Hot Body

Cr Blacks’ quick ‘Hot Body’ freestyle for Brookhill Road studios.

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