Snooker A Love Affair

Sorted. I’m going to the Snooker World Championships in a fortnights time, I will be at snooker’s most prestigious event once more and i am buzzing!

To the people who say how can you like snooker it’s so boring here’s my argument. For the most part I’m your average 22 year old knuckle headed geezer, booze birds banter are the three b’s i live by a perfect week end for me like most blokes is caining the top shelf on a Friday waking up having a fry up on the Saturday heading down the football and getting straight back on one, Amstel and Mayfair jobs a good’un. There is the another side to me, the 60 year old man begging to get out and snooker nestles alongside this a charm, nice long walks, literally doing fuck all in a silent room watching countryfile and moaning about every single thing constantly. Theres nothing I enjoy more than plonking myself down on the sofa cuppa in one hand and a multipack of walkers on the side watching a days snooker, when I watch it I’m engrossed. The thing i love most about snooker is not the extremely impressive quick high breaks but the safety battles, these test a players mental strength and are what make the game truly great and to an outsider bore the tits off them.

I’ve always been abit fascinated by the green baize, my Grandad always had it on the idiot box when I was a nipper, snooker and horse racing, horse racing can fuck off. It was big break that got me into it and it was Stephen Hendry who made me like it and Rocket Ronnie who made me fall in love with it.

Say what you want about snooker but boring it ain’t you know what’s boring? Xfactor and all those other scripted ‘talent show’s’.

I cant wait for the Crucible on the 25th April, one session on the Thursday and then two on the Friday I will be in heaven. The element most people don’t get about snooker and I myself didn’t till I went last year is that snooker is pretty much a massive piss up! I will be ploughing through a fair share, the atmosphere is friendly, electric and booze filled.

I will be keeping you abreast of the tournament round by round starting with a full break down of the draw on Monday, so keep it TS for all your snooker news.


Aidan Fulham (@AidanFulham)


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