Carmelo Anthony MVP?

Kevin Durant & Carmelo Anthony

What started at the London Olympics last summer has transcended to the league, carried on throughout the whole season and possibly to the Playoff Finals? I certainly hope so.

This has been a tremendous season for Carmelo, one of the best that I can remember, capped off with his first ever scoring title. Well deserved as well to, in my opinion, the best scorer in the NBA. It can be argued that me calling him that is nonsense seeing as Kevin Durant has won it for the past three seasons straight but Carmelo is a pure scorer, that’s his game.

This past month of April Melo has broken out and established himself as easily the best scorer in the league with seven consecutive 30+ point games amassing to 270 points, against the likes of Miami Heat and Oklahoma Thunder. This season he has averaged 28.7 points per game, more than half a point more than second placed Kevin Durant.

What was behind this latest scoring binge though? Could it have been a tribute to New York Knick legend Bernard King who was recently elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame? An idol of Melo’s that he based his gamed off, an idol who hails from the same Brooklyn, New York stomping grounds and an idol that became the NBA’s scoring champion at the same age of 28.

Carmelo Anthony’s illustrious career has jumped up a few notches this season with him hot on LeBron James and Kevin Durant’s heels for MVP title. Appreciation for Melo has been at an all time high as his number 7 jersey outsold LeBron James and Kobe Bryant’s for the 2012-13 season’s top selling jersey.

Carmelo Anthony‘s MVP campaign can only be boosted by his end of season scoring tutorial. At the same time, Mike Woodson‘s Coach of the Year campaign got a boost with a strong season which included a franchise record 13 game win streak to go with Carmelo’s scoring streak.

Whether he takes MVP away from three-time champ LeBron or not, congrats have to go out to Melo for winning his first ever scoring award.

Lakeem Greaves (@iamLAKZ)


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