2012-13 The Dullest Season Yet

So as we come into the last weekend of the season the only thing left to be decided is who’s the fourth best team in the country. The way everyone’s banging on about it you’d think that this kind of mediocrity is an achievement, in a sense it is as it allows the 3rd loser to compete in the Champions League but in reality your still 3rd loser this kind of shit wouldn’t even get you a medal in the Olympics.

This season has been the polar opposite to last season which Sky termed the Premier League’s most exciting ever, if Sky want to brand this I’d suggest the worst season ever.

The most exciting thing is a close fought title race, this year’s title was sown up in January. Fergie, in ultimately his final year, was never going to be stopped once he bought the leagues most prolific goal scorer Van Persie. United’s closest challenger was the ‘Noisy Neighbours’ City who never looked capable of mounting a serious challenge after failing to secure their number one transfer choices in January. Chelsea seem to be experts in shooting themselves in the foot and had to settle for a year of transition due to firing Roberto Di Matteo and replacing him with the hated Rafa Benitez who against all odds galvanised an exciting set of players to a credible season.

This years drama as previously stated centres around the race for 4th but I honestly can not give any credit to this celebration of failure so I won’t be commenting on it.

Unlike previous seasons we won’t be treated to a survival Sunday because QPR have hilariously got themselves relegated under Our Arry. Reading ultimately proved to not be good enough for the Premier League not surprising when their average Championship side wasn’t strengthened in the summer. Joining these two are Wigan who have proved if you dick about on the edge of a cliff for long enough your going to fall.

With all of the top three changing managers this Summer here’s hoping next season won’t be as boring as this season! It certainly won’t be if Jose does return to the Bridge. One thing is for certain this summer will determine how good next season will be. So keep up to date with this summers biggest stories that will shape next season here on Trentsetters throughout the summer.

Aidan Fulham (@AidanFulham)


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