Q-Tip One Of The Greatest To Ever Do It?


Whilst listening to J. Cole’s Born Sinner, yet again, one track still remains a stand out for personal reasons “Forbidden Fruit”.

The track had everything to admire about it, J. Cole incorporated some of his lines on the track and pairing up with one of my favourite rappers at this time Kendrick Lamar gave insight into what could be yet to come once the two leaders of the new school finally combine to construct their eagerly anticipated collaboration album. But more importantly Forbidden Fruit recaptured the work of a great once again that is Q-Tip who also sampled Ronnie Foster’s Mystic Brew on the iconic “Electric Relaxation.

One of the more underrated artists in the hip hop game for most part of two decades, Q-Tip has done it all without being spoken of in the same breath as the likes of let’s say Kanye West or Dr. Dre before him.

Contributing to some of the greatest hip hop albums of all time, Nas in 1994 welcomed the assistance and creative mind of The Abstract on one of his better tracks off of “Illmatic” when Q-Tip produced “One Love”.  And little did many know that the Queens legend also put the finest touches on Mobb Deep’s “Temperatures Rising” taken off their widely acclaimed sophmore album “The Infamous”.

The former A Tribe Called Quest star has always however been thought of highly by underground hip hop heads. When thinking of the late great J Dilla aka Jay Dee the name Q-Tip will always cross your mind as the pair established a great working relationship.

His jazzy style accompanied by his distinctive rhyming pattern made every collaboration with Jay Dee sound like an instant classic, take for instance “Breathe and Stop” taken off of Kamaal’s first solo release “Amplified”.

Ok not explicitly underrated, Q-Tip has often been identified as one of the greatest rapper/producers of all time by critics in the game. John Bush of Allmusic also gave him the title of greatest rapper/producer in hip hop history, illustrating that Q-Tip’s work may have not entirely gone in vein.

Simply put ask most authentic rappers of their favourite producer of all time and you can guarantee Q-Tip will be thought of amongst that elite group, after all he was one of the pioneers that contributed towards revolutionising hip hop in the early and late 90’s thus influencing and paving the way for modern day greats like Kanye West to carry on pursuing their careers as a rapper/producer.

They say we as fans are never truly able to celebrate the arts and craft of a hard worker whilst they’re still alive, so maybe this short but sweet tribute could go a long way to reaffirming Q-Tip’s prominence in the world of hip hop.

Reece Ravalier (@ReeceRav)


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