Why Fellaini Should Release The Shackles Of David Moyes


The Chosen One has played a safe game since joining Manchester United, yet what made Sir Alex Ferguson so successful was his risk taking, abandoning the norm, disregarding the stereotype of how to run a football club. David Moyes before taking the United hot seat must have made a checklist of what to do and what not to do in his opening months as a United manager. His transfer targets were probably already identified through Sir Alex and David Gill, the tactics was quite simple, continue the simplicity, why change a winning formula, stick to the traditional 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1. And that is what Moyes has done, ok let’s try and stay away from Manchester United’s transfer disappointments and obvious embarrassment because I will start to ramble on, thus becoming further disgruntled with proceedings during the summer.

So I am going to look to the future and take away the many positives that Moyes has at his disposal. The loss to Liverpool on Sunday, sorry I couldn’t help but refer to the immediate past, should have shown what United have been lacking for years a midfielder, a holding midfielder. Fans all over social networking sites, criticised United for not having any creative players within their ranks and stupidly referred back to their inability to sign a playmaker. Not to much of my displeasure, being a United fan myself.

But United do have a playmaker and his name is Shinji Kagawa, not to mention Wayne Rooney can also provide some valuable amount of creativity. But Moyes sticking to his early season checklist kept things simple and utilised what he thought was the best formula to nullify a much stronger and organised Liverpool midfield. Hence the defensive inclusion of Ryan Giggs. Giggs since the departure of Park Ji-Sung has now become the tireless worker and the grafter of United’s flanks in important games. We saw that against Real Madrid and we saw similar attempts against Liverpool. Had Rafael been fit, it would have Phil Jones partnering Carrick in the midfield with United using two out and out wingers against Liverpool, but injuries took its toll on what should have been a straight forward tactical shift. So therefore Giggs was Moyes’s ideal fit.

What United needed was a Roy Keane, 2008 Owen Hargreaves or Darren Fletcher to add a bit of aggression and bite to the midfield, which would have maybe allowed Kagawa to play a role on Sunday. They now have that in Marouane Fellaini, who made his deadline day move from Everton. A fundamental but versatile defensive midfielder, the hairy Belgian should be a great match with Carrick, who will be allowed to expose his passing qualities to a greater extent, once Fellaini wins those aerial duels. Typically of a deep lying playmaker, which Carrick is, he would then be the one who supplies the balls to the more creative players which is where Rooney and Kagawa may come in, without feeling too exposed at the back. United should soon turn into what Real Madrid were under Jose Mourinho, a counter attacking team capable of producing flashes of brilliance, they have quick minded players to do so and with RVP leading the line they should be more than capable of being clinical.

Fellaini will provide that stability for the back line, discipline should hardly be an issue for the Belgian, despite his history in the referees book, how many times do we see United players lose their heads, very rarely. Look at Wayne Rooney’s transformation. His presence is something that has been needed for a while, Cleverley is fairly good against weaker sides, but against the top 5, you need a bully in the middle of the park, City have Toure, Spurs have Sandro and Dembele Liverpool have Gerrard and Lucas and now we have Fellaini. Let’s be honest we didn’t need to make too many changes after a more than impressive campaign last season and by keeping near enough the same squad, the mental toughness should remain. We had a winning formula, so why change it; a minor tweak was all that was necessary and in Fellaini, a focused Rooney and an improved Kagawa, who are both eager to right their wrongs of last season, we should be hopeful of retaining the league title and providing David Moyes with a reason to celebrate this season.

Reece Ravalier (@ReeceRav)


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