Starting on the Trent Park campus of Middlesex University, Trentsetters was birthed out of three aspiring journalists’ ambition to get their thoughts out to a wider audience with no holds barred. Quite a simple mission – to provide a destination for the opinionated intellectuals. And with no restrictions that means we say it exactly how we feel.

When all you do is talk about sport and music all day everyday, the best thing to do is post it and distribute it to the world. Right? Well in a nutshell that is what Trentsetters is all about. Updating you on all the most important news in the world of sports, music and everything in between how we see it. The most mainstream topics with a sprinkle of extrovert perspectives.

We may rant or even catch you off guard with our posts but more importantly we write. With that being said, hope you enjoy our posts and feel free to leave us any feedback.

  1. This is fucking amaazing brudda

  2. One of the only real girls left

    This Is like the best ever!

  3. Its amazing bluud

  4. I support this keep it up!!!

  5. This is what I have been expecting, keep it coming

  6. Just showing some support as I usually just look and never comment anyway, I like what I’m seeing, continue with the frequent posting.

  7. I love this Blog, had to give you guys a follow… People don’t understand the amount of time/ effort you have to put into blogging. Please take a look at my blog hopefully some day we can collaborate

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