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Jammer Talks Grime War, Kanye West, BBK Album and More [NFTR]

Welcome to the brand new series, Not For The Radio.

Hosted by Duane Jones aka Vis (Renowned), Posty (GRM Daily) and Chams (Face4Music) the trio invite a series of guests onto the show to talk realness – no holds barred.

On the first ever #NFTR, Jammer joins the crew in the studio to discuss a multitude of controversial topics, revealing plenty of exclusive info regarding his involvement in Chip’s “Pepper Riddim”, performing/working with Kanye West, BBK’s legacy, the MOBO’s and more.


Kobe Bryant vs Michael Jordan – Identical Plays

One of the most common questions thrown around within basketball conversations is: who was better, Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant? This YouTube series captures some nearly identical clips by two of the greatest players of all time to give you the chance to make your own decision.

Freestyle Rappers Can’t Make Song | RAP UP UK

Can freestyle rappers make songs that can sell?

Champions League Or World Cup – Which Has The ‘Best’ Teams?

Inspired by a recent article written by Gab Marcotti, the ESPN FC team debate which competition has a higher standard of play, the World Cup or the Champions League.

Did Notorious B.I.G. Bring Hip Hop To The Mainstream?

Power 106 discuss the impact of Notorious B.I.G. and his debut album. Ready to Die was released 20 years ago today. R.I.P.

Should Rooney Play For England?

Having played his first competitive fixture as captain of England, Wayne Rooney has come under criticism with some even debating whether the Manchester United man deserves a starting place, the ESPN fc team discusses.

Can Tottenham Achieve Top 4? | Premier League

After labelling Tottenham v Liverpool as Pretenders v Contenders, Alejandro Moreno and co argue that there’s no hope for Spurs. Gab Marcotti has some rather different views, can they do it?

Balotelli Or Welbeck Which Deal Is Better?

Liverpool and Arsenal have both brought during exciting new strikers in the closing days of the transfer window. Both Balotteli and Welbeck cost £16m and the ESPN FC team debate which deal represents better value for money.

What Is The British Asian Sound? || New Music Debate

When Mim Shake stood in for Yasser on his Friday night BBC Asian Network show, he had Char Avell, Lost Souljah and Steel Banglez come in for a debate on British Asian new music, find out what happened when he asked them about the current state of the British Asian music scene?