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2 Chainz – New Hawks CEO

The Atlanta Hawks are changing things up a bit and have brought hip-hop artist 2 Chainz on as the team’s new CEO before his performance at the March 27 game against Miami.


Lil Wayne vs. Cash Money: The Lawsuit Decoded

Former entertainment lawyer Reggie Ossé breaks down the horrifying details of Weezy’s claims against Birdman and Cash Money.

Kanye West Speaks To Complex About Yeezy Season 1

Quick recap: Performing twice at the Grammys and proving he’s as culturally divisive as ever. A year of expectations surrounding the Kanye x adidas line coming to a screaming crescendo. The most anticipated New York Fashion Week show in recent memory. A monstrous outdoor performance in numbing temperatures. A surprise cameo at Drake’s concert. Personally contributing to a massively successful sneaker launch by handing out pairs of Yeezy 750 Boosts to the morning’s first customers. Appearing on Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary special. Dude’s busy.

And yet, on a snowy Saturday, Kanye West still has the patience and enthusiasm to geek out over sneakers another dude in the Mercer Hotel lobby is rocking. Spying a pair of New Balance 696 “Re-Engineered” sneakers, the man who can literally move mountains reflects on a moment of recent vulnerability: “Those are the shoes that, when they came out, I was like, ‘Fuck! We already designed these.’ They have the exact same perforation, color palette; it’s the same situation.” When the New Balance owner suggests the Yeezy Boosts that Kanye is wearing are actually better, he replies, “In some ways.”

It’s a small moment in our conversation, but hearing Kanye West concede that the insanely hyped sneakers he created aren’t automatically the dopest kicks in the room is indicative of his extremely considered approach to music, design, and everything else. Nothing exists on a simple binary of good and bad. To Kanye, every aspect across the whole spectrum is worthy of a look, and it’s with this studied process that he creates, designs, and even converses.

It’s not what we’ve come to expect from the world’s top celebrities, and it is for sure a reason why he sought out a partnership that gave him the freedom to create how he needed to create. And so, “Yeezy Season 1” has finally touched down, and with Kanye fresh off presenting his full collection, we dove deeper with him on his reinstatement to the runway, and how he’s helping to shift the larger conversation.

Russell Westbrook New Campaign Creative Director For True Religion

Russell Westbrook is absolutely fearless on the court when he’s balling for Oklahoma City Thunder. That same instinct can be seen in his sartorial choices and design sensibilities, often exhibited during his pre-game walk to the locker room. Which is exactly why True Religion tapped him to be the brand’s new Campaign Creative Director. The position gives Westbrook free range to project his own creativity through the brand’s lens to create something bold and unique.

We caught up with the NBA All-Star at True Religion’s new flagship store in downtown Brooklyn, just outside Barclays Center, to discuss his new gig. He spoke about his goals for his partnership with the brand, as well as one of his biggest style influences. In the spirit of All-Star Weekend, we brought some folks up and let the crowd rate their outfits, with Westbrook giving the final “yay” or “nay.”

Lil Wayne Is Suing Birdman For 8 Milli

Even though he dropped Sorry 4 the Wait 2 earlier this week, Lil Wayne wants Tha Carter V out as soon as possible and he’s still anxiously trying to get off Cash Money, as well. TMZ is reporting that Wayne is taking Birdman to court and will sue him for $8 million in advances. Wayne claims that Birdman is violating their contract by withholding the release of Tha Carter V but, as we’ve reported earlier, Birdman claims he’ll release the album “in due time.”

CV has faced countless delays, and was supposed to drop on Oct. 28, until it was pushed back the day before.​ He’s been associated with Cash Money Records since the early ’90s, and has always maintained an extremely close relationship with Birdman over the years. His own label, Young Money Entertainment, is an imprint of Cash Money and back in April 2012, Wayne signed an additional four album deal with Cash Money, as well.

Adrien Broner Speaks On Rejecting Roc Nation Deal

Three-time world boxing champ Adrien Broner fiercely attacked Jay Z for what he says is a highly insulting offer to join Roc Nation Sports.

The World’s Highest-Paid Musicians of 2014

The ten top earners in music combined to earn $1.4 billion pretax last year—nearly half of it courtesy of Dr. Dre.

Megaupload Founder Kim Dotcom Is Broke

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has long been one of the Internet’s most eccentric personalities, a German-Finnish hacker who at one time was worth upwards of $175 million, was renting a $24 million mansion in New Zealand, and even dropped his own album.

According to Dotcom, though, that’s all gone.

At the unBound Digital conference in London, Dotcom said that “My legal team resigned after I ran out of money. I spent $10 million to defend myself. They have drained all my resources.”

As for his theories on why he was targeted? They’re rather…interesting:

“I’m an easy target because of my flamboyant lifestyle,” Dotcom said. “It’s hard to keep a low profile when you have number plates with ‘GOD’ and ‘STONED’ on them. Also, I’m German, and Hollywood loves German Bond villains.”

Since he’s now out of money, he may soon be returning to jail. But what of his fans? How will they keep in touch with him? Kim has but a simple request: “If I go back to jail, send me cards … cards with photos of cats on.”

Lunch With Rick Ross: How The Boss Built A Wingstop Empire

The rotund rapper explains his franchise strategy — and convinces Forbes senior editor Zack O’Malley Greenburg to consume a few of his lemon pepper wings.

DJ Khaled Counts Down Hip-Hop’s Top Five Earners

For this year’s Hip-Hop Cash Kings package, FORBES had DJ Khaled do the official rundown.

Thanks to Apple’s Beats buyout, Dre had the highest yearly earnings total of any musician ever evaluated by FORBES. The $620 million sum is also more than the remaining 24 names on the Hip-Hop Cash Kings list—combined. Perhaps now the superproducer will have time to finally finish long-awaited album Detox.